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The Rosa

January 30, 2018

I believe for every ONE negative story you have heard about a pit bull, there are 9 more stories that are positive.

Do you care to know why my precious, precarious, water loving, kiss stealing, stupid, sweet, sometimes foolish pit bull lives up to the positive nature of her breed? Rosa is fiercely loyal to her tiny humans. She follows them around, hides under their blankets to provide extra warmth and snuggles, she acts as a pillow for one or more on movie night. She stands by them no matter what- again tonight she proved her loyalty. While my smallest tiny human was whining about not feeling well she was getting closer and closer to him, it was as though she was trying to tell him “I know your tummy hurts baby, I’m here”. He was somewhere between his bedroom and the bathroom when all of the sudden he was uncontrollably vomiting, she was supporting his weight on her neck while he puked all over her shoulder and back, she didn’t flinch, until he was done and she rested her head into his armpit, I began trying to clear the mess I sent her to the tub with him- she stepped in and nuzzled his hand as he stepped in- there they stood fully clothed and covered in puke they took a warm shower together and got them stripped and soaped- lathered in lavender and off to bed. She refuses to leave his room. Lying peacefully at the edge of his bed. As much as they are my babies, they are her babies too. So don’t tell me she is just a dog. She is our family. She is our comfort.


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