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Beautiful Leftovers

November 23, 2017

This year my turkey looked gorgeous. She had a dark crisp skin and you could even see the meat wanted to fall from the bone. I was excited to put that big bastard on my fancy turkey plate that I got at a dollar store years ago, and snap a flourished amount of photographs of it. That was when she fell apart. Literally in the move from pan to plate bones were slipping and meat was falling, by the time she hit the plate she was wingless, thigh-less, and spineless. Well I have never been the one to rally around the Instagram food movement, so I didn’t let it break my spirit that I wasn’t going get a stellar picture. That thought sunk further in as I was putting all my miss-matched serving dishes into my miss-matched Tupperware. I don’t have a fancy presentation almost ever, but I think our meal turned out fantastic. The turkey was juicy and tender, the potatoes were on point, the eggs were scrumptious and my pies were the perfect conclusion.

Now my fridge is ridiculously full and we have some beautiful leftovers. I love Thanksgiving left overs almost as much as I love my newer traditions, like everyone signs the table cloth! That started last year and the tiny humans were so excited to leave their mark this year! We each got to say what we were thankful for, my tiny humans all shared a piece of them. Then my heart melted when I heard, “this was a good first giving day.” It was a pretty good first giving day to me too!


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