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September 18, 2017

It has always felt like an uphill battle and living with anxiety and children make some things harder then others. I have always struggled with feeling like I’m just not good enough at doing things. Here is why this is a HUGE issue for my life; I am an entrepreneur and creator, I am a mother and a writer, and oddly enough I have found my humor as of recently which helps keep things a lot less dark! ALL of these things come with natural failure. Not because you are a failure, but you fail and have to try again.

Writing- my spelling sucks and I type faster then my brain can remember where the keys on the keyboard are-hence I fail at perfection and I use the “delete” and “backspace” keys A LOT!

Motherhood- have you met my kids? No? Okay how can I best describe our day. Chaos. Controlled Chaos. I am constantly forgetting things and places and schedules!

Humor- Not every body thinks I am funny.. maybe funny looking-just not Comedy Central worthy..

Now business is what I really struggle with my failures in- why? The because is yet to be determined. What I can tell you is I had this AMAZING business idea and then it didn’t spark the interests on even just one soul on social media, email or anything! Now I should have shrugged my shoulders and revamped the whole service and tried again- instead I shut down and and became a recluse. My work fell behind and my feelings remained hurt.

That being said-I am back into the swing of things and I am going to make the best out of ugly situations so that I can help our business grow- and maybe just maybe make the job easier for my amazing partner and our teammates!


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  1. I am trying to learn to soak in the joy of creating, and to put aside the need for approval of what I’ve created – but that is very hard for me. I want to know that I created something good/enjoyable/beautiful etc.

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