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Better Luck..

August 11, 2017

I used to say that if it were not for my bad luck I would have no luck at all.. I have felt this many times through my life. Now its never been a desire of mine to seek sympathy from anyone, as I am a survivor and I overcome obstacles, mainly because God has my back. Maybe this week I wasn't at my best…

This week started off with me feeling crumby about my recent bad luck with vehicles (Prius sitting at shop waiting on me to save up $952 parts and labor, van *of failed hope* awaiting to determine if it threw a rod after only having made my second payment on it days before it broke down, and Tank-my Blazer-that I just dropped $500 into and have to drop another $400 this weekend…) I was definitely seeing my half empty glass a little less then appealing.

All the while I could hear that voice saying, suck it up cupcake it is fine.. I was allowing the negative to grab ahold! Well as this morning kicked my emotionally fragile teeth in with a dose of reality I remembered, God's got this. So lets talk positive; I found a great technician who is reasonably priced, and I know the funds I pay him are directly helping his family! So after this weekend Tank will have all of her vital injuries cared for! Which will reduce Mr. anxiety's hold on my neck while I am driving!

Then I can start figuring out how to pay for the van's diagnosis and repair, and the Prius will come into the plan then also. Meanwhile I am getting ready to send my four, smart, friendly, courageous small humans off to school in just two weeks! So we get to go get new shoes and clothes and backpacks! Which they love to do! Our AMAZING school district has paid off ALL school supplies, so no crazy lists for this family of chaos!

So while anyone can sit and pull the crumby out of their situation; like I was. They can also choose to look at what is good a dwell there, so my luck is better, I am making it better!


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  1. You bring me luck everyday- I am blessed to work with you, live near you and just to know you!

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