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Delivery vs. Courier

July 28, 2017

The irony is most people relate the word delivery to food, and courier to paperwork. This is ironic to me because they are the same! I am a delivery driver and a courier all in the same. Our business was founded 4 years ago and I cannot even begin to tell you the list of things we began doing to make our name known! We were taking on as many tasks that two woman could! Delivering things well beyond what we should, like full size bumpers, drive trains, and lounge chairs in our small but economical cars!

Rebecca and I are now refining and defining what Busy Bees Delivery, LLC does on a regular basis and while we still have a few side tasks, we are focusing on our delivery services between Rifle Colorado and Aspen Colorado! We will still service other areas on a mileage rate, but those deliveries I will describe at a later time!

So how many times have you left your phone at home? Needed to pick up your prescription? Wanted to get your shoe repaired but can’t get to the repair company? Wanted a gift basket or food basket delivered to a friend? Even turned in paperwork to your CPA, insurance agent, or title company? We can help with all of these things!

Our delivery rates are affordable and our ladies are dependable! Call to ask questions today!




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