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Work, working, hustle, hustling….

July 22, 2017

I had not realized in a long time, how much our business has potential to be something bigger then our dreams, mostly because I have been too tired to sit in front of my computer and dig into leads and take time to devise new plans. My amazing business partner has carried so much for so long that I am always amazed when she manages to mustard up another plan for the business!

We have finally decided to grow again, but in a much wiser way. We are learning to work smarter and not harder so we are preparing to unveil some very new ways to generated steady clientele while adjusting our current client base to reflect our commitment to our friends, colleagues, competitors, and community! We hope to be building and promoting this valley and these communities for many years to come!

I could not have chosen a better person to go into business with! While there are times I am sure she is ready to pull my hair out, I always trust her sound advise and know her heart is in this for the right reasons! I may be biased because she is my mother, but she is also so supportive of my personal life that I know I can trust her when she says a decision is a the right one for the right reasons! I am proud and excited to be on this journey with her!

If you don’t already know we own Busy Bees Delivery, LLC.
We specialize in same day deliveries Rifle through Aspen! With our Hot Shot deliveries throughout the state of Colorado!



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