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One nighter…

July 19, 2017

I didn’t talk about it much, but I realized in the mix of having a new house guest that even the kids that come for a short time, for various reasons, leave an impact, great and small. A few weeks back we had a young person come and stay just one night. I figured I wouldn’t think much of this night because I assumed it was just one short visit. Tonight I realized how much I have thought about the one night. The hurt they felt, how lost they were, how much they wanted to prove they didn’t need me. I even have thought about how much I miss them, I worry how they are. In the time it took me to get my thoughts organized I remembered why this is so important, I want to heal them. I want to start their road to recovery. Whether they need to recover from the mental or physical abuse, or their lack of trust, maybe just from a negative prospective of adults. I want to mend their road to a successful adulthood! I do not know if I can make changes in their hearts and minds in such short times, but I will be trying!

I remember telling an AMAZING volunteer that has been close to our cases, that even though he was on his way away from our case that I wanted to continue with our meetings until he is gone, simply because these kids need to learn what healthy departure looks like too! We have to assume that very little love and nurturing has gone into their rearing. I am trying to approach every situation as a way to teach these kiddos how healthy stable adults behave. That we allow our emotions to happen, but not control us and even when we want things to be different we act in a positive healthy manner.

So whether it is one night or many, know that my love is being poured in and I hope you can choose love above all else. Please recognize the need for healthy homes and families to work with. There will be long and short term needs, and you can pick what you think your family can manage, you can also change those perimeters later! If you have questions if you are nervous for any reason, I would love to talk with you! My messenger is always open!



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