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My Take on “13 Reasons Why”….

May 11, 2017

First thing I have to say is pay attention. However if you have not watched the show and would like to; STOP READING! I will be spoiling several things! Follow my blog and come back after you have finished watching Season One!

I want to mention these are my own opinions gathered from finishing the first season. I would like to also make clear, I do NOT believe this show romanticized suicide at all, rather it makes you think; have you done everything you can to help save those around you! The show takes us through Clay’s perception of Hannah’s reasons for why suicide was her choice. Now while as a parent I want to tell my children that it would NEVER be their fault if their friend or classmate took their own life. I also recognize what I think is point number one, if someone had just cared more about Hannah’s well being she might not have taken her own life. Now Clay and her parents loved her, but even love gets stuffed behind current events and we don’t always make time for those in our lives, our we tend to live behind our own hurt or embarrassment. I believe Hannah just needed someone to drop their own drama and swim in hers with her for a day! I call it drama because honestly that is the perception we place on other’s when they walk through emotions.

Point number two; Clay asks Hannah “is this ok?” While engaging in the makings of a love scene. Now while as an adult this is not common bedroom talk, this needs to be taught to our children, male and female. Our kids need to understand EVERYONE involved must feel safe! This show talks about the abuse that Hannah and Jessica endured, it depicts how even the rapist was not beating these women and torturing them, but he takes complete advantage of these girls in different situations, he also never asked “is this is ok?”

Hannah depicts several scenarios where she felt taken advantage of, while the people she calls out for each event recall things slightly differently, they can each see their role in Hannah’s death. What the show shares further is three students are able to get their hands on firearms. One attempts suicide and the cliff hanger we are left with is he is in critical care. The second has several firearms and tactical equipment, it appears as though he may be planning a school shooting. While the third has left us with no other information, I feel as though he might be running away.

The season ends on the note of Clay taking interest in Skye’s life, a girl that he is concerned about. As she asks him if he is okay, he says “no, is that okay?” The scene transitions with her saying yes and leaving with him. This scene moved mountains for me, I received the message as; It is okay to be damaged or have mental issues or illnesses, that we can work through those things together.

If you are worried about someone TALK to them! If that does not ease your mind call and ask professionals for help!


A local and great resource would be Mind Springs Health!

Their Crisis line 888-207-4004
Local 970-625-3582


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