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The Cost of ‘Adulting’

April 19, 2017

Maybe this is poorly titled, maybe it should say something along the lines of “The Cost of Parenting” or even “The Cost of Owning a Business”. However I often list the two in a category only easily described as ‘adulting’.

Now mind you a wrote previously about the car that I owe $13,000 on needing major repairs, I am not going over the frustration of that again, I will tell you, my business partner (mom) and I have agreed to have the engine replaced. The problem here is they want over $6000 for a USED engine that has a very small guarantee, and A LOT of risk, for a car they should have never financed at such a steep rate. So please think and pray on a good DRIVE-ABLE outcome!

Now beyond these astronomical  vehicle expenses, can I talk for one second about how hard it is to feed FOUR growing humans! OH MY! Now obviously I have tremendous amounts of help from those around me, and I am GRATEFUL! We are fine and getting by on our meal plans and budgets! I just never realized how much growing humans could consume! We go through more vegetables then one person could believe! I am blessed however, they all enjoy the veggies more then anything else!

Now I don’t want to sound naive, I knew owning a business would cost, and I knew taking on extra kiddos would cost, I am so proud of both my business and my growing family, it is just hard to account for such dramatic, life altering, leaps of faith all at one time!


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