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Why Foster Care.

April 18, 2017

Without a single shred of doubt, I decided to foster because of Christy Cleveland! She showed me that my cup had the potential to always be overflowing.

It is hard to say when it all clicked in my head and I heard God’s calling, but at some point I just heard it. “This is why I won’t give you another ‘baby'”. That is not to say I fought infertility, and it is NOT to make light of those who struggle conceiving. It is to say, I wanted more kids, but I am a single mother, who refused to date just anyone, and found myself happy in my independence, but with only one child! My standards were, maybe are, too high, but my (birth) son and I have only benefited!

I was hesitating for over a year to apply to foster care, because I am a single mom, but also because I don’t own a home. I was sure that ‘they’ (DHS) would laugh in my face for trying. Now crazy as it seems I started dreaming about my ‘big’ family, no faces no real details to mentions, other then I had a BIG family. In an obsessive manner I started thinking about what it meant, or how I could make it true, to the point I found myself on the good ol’ WORLD WIDE WEB. What came next was way too much information and very little of it local. I found a breakdown of FAQ on The Heart Gallery (a site developed to help foster kiddos find adoptive families). In their own Q & A’s I found that I didn’t have to own my home OR be married! I WAS SO EXCITED! Then terrified, what was my excuse all of this time? Why hadn’t I figured this out sooner?

Well honestly, it is hard to ask questions, and we don’t always know where to look! I want to change that! At least for Garfield County! My calling is taking in kids who need to be loved, my goal is to teach others how to do this! I wouldn’t have made it this far without an amazing leader named Lindsay, and an amazing teacher and inspiration named Susan, who taught me, “It only takes ONE person, to change ‘their’ (foster kiddo’s) lives FOREVER, for the better”. One heart at a time, we will teach them how to love and be loved! One family at a time, we will find, healthy and happy homes, that are ready to make hard decisions and reap the blessings and rewards. Trust when I say, the reward far out weighs the hurt.

With love,






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  1. You are truly inspirational!

  2. When I was little there was a foster family that lived down the street. I made friends with a boy and his siblings who had been placed there. Then one day, they were gone. My mom inquired about them to the foster mother and was informed that the biological parents had regained custody. With what little information she could give the foster mother suggested that although she was hopeful, she doubted they would stay with their biological family. My mom had always thought she’d love to be a foster parent, but ultimately decided she couldn’t deal with giving them up when the courts decided the parents could have them back, especially if she knew it was likely going to be a bad situation all over again. She said she couldn’t deal with the heartbreak and so she never became a foster parent. My question is, how do you deal with it emotionally?

    • Mkhsmith7.

      It is not easy. It will hurt. Anyone getting into foster care needs to prepare for the hurt and heartache.
      What my goal as a foster parent has been to help rehabilitate the family as much as help the children develop coping skills and a positive healthy connection with a healthy function adult.

      I hope that if and when my kids go home, because frankly in most cases the goal is home reuniting, I am able to be a resource for the families, and continue trying to do our best at being supportive and honestly wanting the best for the family.

      In the back of my mind I hope that I will get the call if something goes wrong, but I will continue to think positively for the kids and the parents.

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