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Whoa is Me..

April 6, 2017

Now pitty is not the goal, I don’t want any individual to feel the need to say sorry to me. This is not the fault of my friends my family, or even the man I mention below, this is the fault of a system designed to make the poor, poorer!

I would however like “The Man” or our current financial choke holders, aka the banking industries, to apologize!

Backtrack. I was 18, in love, going to marry a man that mattered to me. Then I had to financially support us, he wasn’t bringing home his paycheck. I quit paying on credit cards to pay our water bill and electricity, and shot my credit.  IN LESS THEN 6 MONTHS, I went from a 710 scoring to BELOW 400! It was AWFUL.

At 19 I was already fixing my credit! Fixing it takes WAY longer then 6 months! At 24 I financed a vehicle, the first one SOLELY in my name! At FOURTEEN PERCENT, because my recovering score was still only 570. So even though my loan was only for about $19,000, and I have already paid TOYOTA FINANCIAL $13,000, I STILL owe $13,000. I don’t know if you are good at math, but that is over paying a loan by $7,000. Here is the kicker.

I own a delivery business with my amazing mother. I put ON AVERAGE 350 miles a day on my vehicles.. So that car that I financed, and still owe my life value on, it is now broke down sitting in my drive way. I still have to make $400 a month payments, on a chunk of metal I cannot drive because, well if I quit paying on it to say “to hell with the man”. My credit is shot again, my ability to get loans, and maybe one day buy a home, that is all non-optional. So I will pay $400 a month on a car stuck in my driveway for another two years, while the banking industries get rich…. When in all reality, they could have given me a 3% interest like most auto loans, and I would have the dang thing near paid off and it might be worth putting a $9,000 engine into. Seeing as without the engine Kelly Blue Book only values the car at less then $4000. I am just going to sit over here and curse our system.

With love and tears,

In Debt for Life….


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