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Independent Children

March 25, 2017

While I enjoying being a mother more then anything else in my life, I have my limitations, as do most mothers. When my children have been confined to a vehicle for several hours with me, and we elect to enjoy the park, it is time for them and for me. I generally sit on a bench in the distance or even sit inside of my vehicle if the park is close enough to the parking area, so that I can keep my eyes on all four moving bodies. This allows them to run and jump, climb and swing, while absorbing some vitamin D from the sun. If I sit just out of immediate crossing this forces my children to climb and swing and jump without the aid of mothers hand, or the constant “mom watch this, mom did you see that, mom catch me…”. Now before you go all judgmental on me, I love watching my children! I love seeing them complete the monkey bars for the first time without me holding their feet for the 98th time! I love to watch them make new friends and try new tricks, and honestly I believe the are less concerned with my opinion or my assistance if I am at a distance! I watch them blossom at a distance and reach out to new kids to say hi and play with!

If I am sitting in my vehicle looking at my social media, bank accounts, email or text, don’t assume that I am too lazy to push my kids on the swings, I know that my children are capable and perfectly able to pump their own legs and get some good air! I know you think you are doing them, or me a favor by pushing them, while you push your two year old. In reality you are hindering their ability to be self sufficient. I appreciate that you grabbed my smallest from getting kicked in the head by a swinger he got too close to, but other then that, you really just annoyed me. I know you had no clue what I was doing, but after having my children fighting and disagreeing all day within my small vehicle, I needed them to do things for themselves, including but not limited to swinging, fighting, racing, and taking turns. I needed my children to not rely on an adult to play referee or assistant. I needed my children to spend our time at the park enjoying their siblings, maybe even disagreeing, but working it out. I know you intended no harm, I did not feel you were creeping on my kids, but you were not helping like you may have thought. So next time when you see someone else’s small humans self entertaining, please do not interfere!

-Sincerely the mother of independent children, in training.


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  1. I love this. And I agree. I parent so similarly!

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