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Dead Grass

June 23, 2016

It has come to my clear attention I do not know the first thing about keeping a garden or a yard. Sure I picked a few things up from my mother over the years, but honestly as I stare at my sad and pathetic brown yard, I realize even if I did know all the good tricks, I don’t have the time. I literally have no time. 

I am staying up well passed my bed time tonight to finish work, and water my dead grass, why? Why water something dead. Well truly, because for me, I have some dark hope that watering this sad excuse of a yard, once a month will be enough to make it grow. In reality I know darn when once a month is really just wasting water because nothing is going to grow, but it’s that hope, hope is the one thing Mr. Anxiety hasn’t taken away from me yet, so let me enjoy it, and my dead grass.


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