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Dark and Twisty..

June 12, 2016

Rape culture is a real thing. Scary. Disturbing. But very real.

I can no longer keep my mouth sealed, or my keys stale. It is never the victims fault.

I have said, maybe even recently, I don’t dress to tease, and I don’t put myself in vulnerable places, for my own protection, they should have done the same. Lets get real here, lets put it out there. I DO NOT ALLOW MYSELF TO BE VULNERABLE BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN VULNERABLE. In light of the recent case of “20 Minutes of Action” I can no longer blame myself or allow any other victim to be subjected to self blame. Whether my story is as gruesome as this recent headliner or just a drunk night that can be barely pieced together. I do not need to go into great detail into my experiences, because at some point you have been there, especially if you are a girl. You have met that guy at the party or the bar and they got too hands on. That first date, you didn’t enjoy, but they stole that kiss anyway. That boss that rubs your back even after you have physically moved yourself away from them. It happens every single day, and most people look away. I will not stand by and let you as a society dictate how I feel or how I dress, I will not allow you to warp the mind of my beautiful son, to think that behavior like that would ever be acceptable.


Shame on the DA for not pushing harder. Shame on the Judge for not prosecuting a stricter sentencing. Now I do not wish ill on people. I do not stand behind the mass loads of people begging a ‘real big guy’ to teach Brock that rape is not okay, but I am not dense to the idea bad things may come his way, maybe he will manage to live through all of it and start a better life. Maybe this will be enough, but for the victim’s sake, it is not enough period,


We live in a society that pays way less attention to the lifetime side affects your attacker had left you with, and way too much interest in, why did this happen? Where were you? What did you do to prevent it? Could you have prevented it? Was that cocktail dress really necessary? I will repeat. IT IS NEVER THE VICTIMS FAULT. I get squeamish when I see articles about the nude women protesting in the street naked with a note saying : I am still NOT asking for ‘it’. I get squeamish because I feel vulnerable for her. I should never have to feel vulnerable. Neither should you.


NO MORE SILENCE. Speak up, and speak out.




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    Stand Up! Be heard- you never know who needs to know that they are not alone.

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