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May 31, 2016

TBH-Shame on this author. (Image below)
From Me:Adriane Maloney

Dearest Silverback. I am sorry that humans have taken your homes and endangered your species, and I am sorry that you were forced or raised in captivity. I am sorry that because of this tragic event, you lost your life. Thank you for sharing your beauty with us.
Dear Zoo and Keepers. I am sorry that you had to lay a precious member of your family to rest. I am sorry that the decision you had to make was such a sad one. Thank you for doing everything you could, and ultimately saving this child. Please do not be discouraged from continuing to preserve the lives of species we as the human race have demolished.
 Dear Sweet Child. I am sorry that you experienced such trauma. I am sorry for your injuries. I am sorry for the attention both good and bad you will be surrounded by for this unknowable future. Thank you for surviving, and may your healing process be quick.
My Dearest Mother.

I am beside you. I am sorry for the hate that you are receiving. I am sorry that your baby slipped out of sight ever so quickly. I am sorry that these others have forgotten their own tragic experiences and cannot empathize with you. I am sorry that for several agonizing minutes you were unsure if your child would live. My child is my world, I have held him closer knowing this could have just as easily been us. Thank you for being strong. Thank you for loving your child as all mothers do. Do not fall victim to the hatred, do not believe the things you read, or the things they will say, trust me girl we have heard them all. Remember I am here and I am with you.


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