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The Famous Drama Queen

May 20, 2016


  1. of or relating to melodrama.
    1. characteristic of melodrama, especially in being exaggerated, sensationalized, or overemotional.


It is that girl that for some reason you are chemically drawn to. Though you know she is a bag full of headaches and drama. She has a a mile long list of people she calls when she bends her nail back too far. She is that friend you enjoy hanging out with but you have a hard time being friends with her other friends. This is strongly because secretly she had told her other friends as much about you, as she has told you about them. The reality is she is toxic for you. She will make you feel loved, important, and unique. However when push comes to shove and you finally have had your fill of her drama, and you separate yourself from her, suddenly something huge happens, like a rumor that you slept with her husband. Though you and anyone who actually takes the time to know you will vouch for the fact that you didn’t, you wouldn’t, and frankly you are better then that. The friendship had to end. After everything you put into this friendship, you have no choice but to walk away, remain your ever strong self, and remember, her own unfaithfulness in her marriage has just turned her into a guilty human being projecting her flaws onto those nearest to her.

For the record. I would never knowingly entertain my time with a married man. To the extent, if I were to find a man I enjoyed, but later found his wife, I would be so enraged, I might turn him into an endangered species. I do not appreciate such a blindly false accusation against my character. My over-melodramatic ex-friend, enjoy your life of lies, I will enjoy my life of freedom!


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