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May 19, 2016

The simplest form of human error. Expectations. In that one single word, we set everyone, including ourselves, up to fail. Not one single person in your life will ever reach all of your expectations. Bare that in mind while you ponder the fact that the same stands true for you. You will never successfully fulfill any one single persons expectations of you, let alone every person in your life.  That is so absolutely and utterly disappointing. This thought alone provokes my dear sweet Mr. Anxiety, as I now have heartburn radiating through my body.

Being short of everyone’s expectations is nothing shy of depressing. I know at this point in my life I have let go of placing expectations on others, but it is turning Mr. Anxiety into a fiery ball of stupidity, thinking about the fact that I am a constant disappointment. Now stop looking at this blurp as though its filled with self pity. In this moment, hiding safely behind my computer, I am me. The realest version of me, the one where life hurts and you don’t always know where your going. The real me that knows, while it is easy to say we will not hold expectations over others, we still do every single day. Keep trying, the harder you try the happier you will be!


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