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With My Hair Tie

I struggle to clear my head and I resort to clearing the clutter from my desk, fidget with a pen on a paper, but the ink and keyboard completely and utterly fail me when I seek my expressions. It isn’t until I find my hair tie. The world changes, I feel more vibrant. I feel like I can conquer the world, or at least the task I am trying to accomplish. I feel like I am in charge. Everything changes for me with my hair tie.

Tonight I was searching for a way to explain the joys and heartaches, in a way that feels real to you. I live it every day. I don’t have to do anything special to feel it, but how do I make YOU feel it? I feel like it is more then just a task, it is a calling to teach you, to share with you this journey.

Foster to Adoption: I want to adopt all my tiny humans. I want to keep them, love them, heal them, fix the broken, guide them, encourage them, and fight hard for them. In the same fashion I want to see their parents healthy, happy, stable and able to rear these tiny beings! I applied for foster to adopt so the department would recognize my hope to grow my family, while I heal others. I am excited to help and encourage healing of the biological family, and I will support a family member who wants to adopt, but I also want my tiny humans to stay. If you are not confused yet let me try harder. I want my tiny joys to leave just as much as I want them to stay. This is a hard spot to be in. If you leave I am going to cry, a lot, when you get in the car, the first night without you, every time I find something of yours, and when I see your pictures in my phone. If you stay I will be gleaming for our forever, but I will cry for your mom or dad, brothers or sisters, grandmas and grandpas. I will write them a hundred letters, I may never send them. I will think about them for every holiday and event.

My advice to you if you are reaching towards this endeavor, do not plan on adoption, but don’t be afraid of it either. Be willing to change your plans, throw dinner away, kiss fake owies, beg and plead to tiny humans for a little bit of sleep, all while you find your favorite smiles and learn the truth as seen through their eyes. They will say things that literally bring a light into your life. I am always hopeful to share the last piece of fruit or brownies with my tiny humans! Now this is our life.



It has always felt like an uphill battle and living with anxiety and children make some things harder then others. I have always struggled with feeling like I’m just not good enough at doing things. Here is why this is a HUGE issue for my life; I am an entrepreneur and creator, I am a mother and a writer, and oddly enough I have found my humor as of recently which helps keep things a lot less dark! ALL of these things come with natural failure. Not because you are a failure, but you fail and have to try again.

Writing- my spelling sucks and I type faster then my brain can remember where the keys on the keyboard are-hence I fail at perfection and I use the “delete” and “backspace” keys A LOT!

Motherhood- have you met my kids? No? Okay how can I best describe our day. Chaos. Controlled Chaos. I am constantly forgetting things and places and schedules!

Humor- Not every body thinks I am funny.. maybe funny looking-just not Comedy Central worthy..

Now business is what I really struggle with my failures in- why? The because is yet to be determined. What I can tell you is I had this AMAZING business idea and then it didn’t spark the interests on even just one soul on social media, email or anything! Now I should have shrugged my shoulders and revamped the whole service and tried again- instead I shut down and and became a recluse. My work fell behind and my feelings remained hurt.

That being said-I am back into the swing of things and I am going to make the best out of ugly situations so that I can help our business grow- and maybe just maybe make the job easier for my amazing partner and our teammates!

Why I Love This…

In the chaos of the evening routine of hustling the tiny humans through our showers, pajamas and dental care one of my eldest tiny humans asked me “do you know anyone in need?” I was a bit crankier than I should have been, but I managed to say “why?” Instead of saying something awful. He looked at me judging what my response could be; then like a freight train he came to me with a box of pre-portioned ready to serve applesauce. The school had let him bring them home and he immediately wants to find a good place to donate to!

Beyond that he now wants to find someone or some place to ask direct needs and try to collect these said things! Golly miss molly these kids make my heart feel so full!

Better Luck..

I used to say that if it were not for my bad luck I would have no luck at all.. I have felt this many times through my life. Now its never been a desire of mine to seek sympathy from anyone, as I am a survivor and I overcome obstacles, mainly because God has my back. Maybe this week I wasn't at my best…

This week started off with me feeling crumby about my recent bad luck with vehicles (Prius sitting at shop waiting on me to save up $952 parts and labor, van *of failed hope* awaiting to determine if it threw a rod after only having made my second payment on it days before it broke down, and Tank-my Blazer-that I just dropped $500 into and have to drop another $400 this weekend…) I was definitely seeing my half empty glass a little less then appealing.

All the while I could hear that voice saying, suck it up cupcake it is fine.. I was allowing the negative to grab ahold! Well as this morning kicked my emotionally fragile teeth in with a dose of reality I remembered, God's got this. So lets talk positive; I found a great technician who is reasonably priced, and I know the funds I pay him are directly helping his family! So after this weekend Tank will have all of her vital injuries cared for! Which will reduce Mr. anxiety's hold on my neck while I am driving!

Then I can start figuring out how to pay for the van's diagnosis and repair, and the Prius will come into the plan then also. Meanwhile I am getting ready to send my four, smart, friendly, courageous small humans off to school in just two weeks! So we get to go get new shoes and clothes and backpacks! Which they love to do! Our AMAZING school district has paid off ALL school supplies, so no crazy lists for this family of chaos!

So while anyone can sit and pull the crumby out of their situation; like I was. They can also choose to look at what is good a dwell there, so my luck is better, I am making it better!

Delivery vs. Courier

The irony is most people relate the word delivery to food, and courier to paperwork. This is ironic to me because they are the same! I am a delivery driver and a courier all in the same. Our business was founded 4 years ago and I cannot even begin to tell you the list of things we began doing to make our name known! We were taking on as many tasks that two woman could! Delivering things well beyond what we should, like full size bumpers, drive trains, and lounge chairs in our small but economical cars!

Rebecca and I are now refining and defining what Busy Bees Delivery, LLC does on a regular basis and while we still have a few side tasks, we are focusing on our delivery services between Rifle Colorado and Aspen Colorado! We will still service other areas on a mileage rate, but those deliveries I will describe at a later time!

So how many times have you left your phone at home? Needed to pick up your prescription? Wanted to get your shoe repaired but can’t get to the repair company? Wanted a gift basket or food basket delivered to a friend? Even turned in paperwork to your CPA, insurance agent, or title company? We can help with all of these things!

Our delivery rates are affordable and our ladies are dependable! Call to ask questions today!



Work, working, hustle, hustling….

I had not realized in a long time, how much our business has potential to be something bigger then our dreams, mostly because I have been too tired to sit in front of my computer and dig into leads and take time to devise new plans. My amazing business partner has carried so much for so long that I am always amazed when she manages to mustard up another plan for the business!

We have finally decided to grow again, but in a much wiser way. We are learning to work smarter and not harder so we are preparing to unveil some very new ways to generated steady clientele while adjusting our current client base to reflect our commitment to our friends, colleagues, competitors, and community! We hope to be building and promoting this valley and these communities for many years to come!

I could not have chosen a better person to go into business with! While there are times I am sure she is ready to pull my hair out, I always trust her sound advise and know her heart is in this for the right reasons! I may be biased because she is my mother, but she is also so supportive of my personal life that I know I can trust her when she says a decision is a the right one for the right reasons! I am proud and excited to be on this journey with her!

If you don’t already know we own Busy Bees Delivery, LLC.
We specialize in same day deliveries Rifle through Aspen! With our Hot Shot deliveries throughout the state of Colorado!


One nighter…

I didn’t talk about it much, but I realized in the mix of having a new house guest that even the kids that come for a short time, for various reasons, leave an impact, great and small. A few weeks back we had a young person come and stay just one night. I figured I wouldn’t think much of this night because I assumed it was just one short visit. Tonight I realized how much I have thought about the one night. The hurt they felt, how lost they were, how much they wanted to prove they didn’t need me. I even have thought about how much I miss them, I worry how they are. In the time it took me to get my thoughts organized I remembered why this is so important, I want to heal them. I want to start their road to recovery. Whether they need to recover from the mental or physical abuse, or their lack of trust, maybe just from a negative prospective of adults. I want to mend their road to a successful adulthood! I do not know if I can make changes in their hearts and minds in such short times, but I will be trying!

I remember telling an AMAZING volunteer that has been close to our cases, that even though he was on his way away from our case that I wanted to continue with our meetings until he is gone, simply because these kids need to learn what healthy departure looks like too! We have to assume that very little love and nurturing has gone into their rearing. I am trying to approach every situation as a way to teach these kiddos how healthy stable adults behave. That we allow our emotions to happen, but not control us and even when we want things to be different we act in a positive healthy manner.

So whether it is one night or many, know that my love is being poured in and I hope you can choose love above all else. Please recognize the need for healthy homes and families to work with. There will be long and short term needs, and you can pick what you think your family can manage, you can also change those perimeters later! If you have questions if you are nervous for any reason, I would love to talk with you! My messenger is always open!